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The Darkest Night

Horror - Thomas a young man searches to find his wife when finally he finds her but when he runs in to a terrorist will he survive.

The Criminal Mind

Horror - Dan tries to get away with the robbing of a huge bank and blames on a inocent bystander who will be arrested who will get the charges read it to find out.

Sociopathic Conscience

Horror - One night as seen through the eyes of a madman on a rampage.

Tears for Mom

Short Stories - Tears for Mom plot: Theodorus Peso, a Spanish baseball player, opens up to his mother, a retired circus performer, who is in a coma.

A Real Honor

Short Stories - Microfiction about a mother and her kid.

A Fleeting Acquaintance

Short Stories - A young man with little direction in his life experiences one night with a girl he meets at a party neither wants to attend.

Friends Imaginary Part One

Short Stories - Toby is a boy, with a vivid imagination. He has many imaginary friends, that he fantasizes many things with: meeting them, becoming great friends, falling in love. Unbeknownst to our hero, these people aren't so imaginary after all . . .


Short Stories - It's short and its a story.

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