The Criminal Mind

By ANDREW ECKLER | Published: December 28, 2012

It was a cold, windy, stormy night when all of a sudden a criminal named Dan and Dan was the worst criminal in all the world, and in each and every continent besides Antarctica (for obvious reasons) he is wanted. So one night Dan decided to break in to my house and I did not know but it was all because this one incident it all happened just like this. So one day I was just walking down the street minding my own business and there he was just standing there but I did not know it was him because he was a good distance a way and he was wearing a disguise so he would not get caught robbing the bank. So I was just walking towards the bank when he bumped into my shoulder purposely and I just kept walking and then he realized he was going the wrong way for the bank and so he followed me in pulled out his gun and told everyone to put there hands in the air and told nobody to move or else I his hostage would get killed. So they filled the bags with money when he ungripped my neck and then I hid under a desk and called the cops and he caught me in the act and I went home and some how he knew where my home was and that's how it all started.

I told the cops just the night before about the attempted robbing of my house. Then they asked for his side of the story which went something like this. I was walking down the street when this guy named Jason just purposely bumped into me when I was on my way to the bank to make a deposit when Jason robbed the bank and that's how it happened. So the cops went to make an overnight decision and that night is when Dan robbed me he held me hostage and my wife also. I had a knife in my back pocket I tried to reach it and I did. I cut myself and my wife out of the the ropes. So Dan got arrested for theft and slavery.

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