The Darkest Night

By ANDREW ECKLER | Published: December 28, 2012

One cold morning in the year 2018 a young man named Thomas was searching for his beloved wife who has been missing for a good 6 months, he was devastated about happen when he found his wife was held in a hostage situation and never returned. He was determined to find where his wife was but what he did not know was he as on the path to find his wife very quickly, but he did not know and decided to change his strategy. So on one morning in December he went out looking for anything that may lead to her founding a phone, a trail, or even a body but one thing was certain he would not give up! He saw a phone the same type as his wife's phone but he could not be sure because it was popular phone but he had a charger just back at home. So he went on looking for more possible clues before he called the search off for the day but he was sad to not find another clue. He got home and saw a figure and shadow ue was nervous and he asked "Honey is that you." There was know reply, So he slowly approached what seemed to be his wife but then he tripped over an open floor board and as he got up and he realized that it was not his wife just an old cut out of is wife he made to keep himself happy and keep himself searching for her. So then he went to grab the charger which was just up stairs, grabbed it plugged it in and saw many new messages. He looked and it was it was her phone he could not believe his eyes. He looked and saw many new messages and some from the night of the incident. It read help I'm held hostage and were off to 1234 Maine St. so he went off. He got there it was an old, rundown, abandon, spooky house. The floor creaks the wood smells its dark and parts of the floor are broken.H walked in and went up the stairs and I saw her. All her limbs were tied to the bed frame she had become very skinny only getting one meal a day and with a blindfold covering her eyes and duct tape over her mouth. He quickly untied the blindfold but just as I did the the terrorist came up behind me with a sword killed Thomas with a slice to the head it was bloody mess blood and guts everywhere, but my soul took the life of Thomas oddly enough and then Thomas pulled out a pocket sword and had a battle to the death. It was a great battle until one of Thomas' arms got cut off! Then it was neck and neck neither side giving an edge both men losing fingers. So next thing you know Thomas knock the terrorist's sword out of his hand. He fell to the ground and luckily for him he a gun only one bullet though and he hit Thomas right at the hip! Thomas knowing his wife was he continued fighting for his life and wife. His wife screaming because she saw the bullet in the hip. This allowed the terrorist to get up and grab his sword. Next thing you know the terrorist had the sword at Thomas' neck though he had his sword in his hand and the terrorist did not know so Thomas ducked then blocked the attack with his sword and pinned down the terrorist! He then killed the terrorist with a blow through the heart he pulled out the sword and cleaned his blade. He then cut the ropes off his wife's limbs and the wife drove the car to a fast food place even though she insisted that she take him to the hospital for his wounds. Right after they stopped for food she sped over to the hospital.

They said "He will be lucky to survive he has already lost a significant amount of blood."

She was crying heavily but it turns out she had the same blood type as Thomas. Though that would take 2.5 pints of blood. She said she will gladly give blood. She was glad to here it was a success but he have to stay in the hospital for a week. Every day she went and visited him in the hospital and he was very happy to see yer each and every day. She was starting to gain weight she lost and he was starting to go back to normal health again. Once the week was over they joined as a family they then had a great life and had 3 children.

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