Dear My Long Lost Everything

By MEGAN STEPHENSON | Published: December 18, 2010

Dear My Long Lost Everything

She closed her eyes. The story was over now, sealed up in that little white envelope on a piece of paper that said it all. Soon, it’d travel overseas to a man and tell the story for the very first time…

Dear My Long Lost Everything,

Two years ago, we met in a summer of crashing waves and walking along the sand. I’m sure you don’t remember everything, but remember this: that night we spent together, lying beneath the sky, the night before you left.

We thought it’d all be okay, or maybe we didn’t really think at all. You were leaving me to go to some foreign land, and my tears were hurting you. It all started with the kiss, the one that was meant to slow my tears, and then turned into so much more…

That night tastes sweet when I think about it, even to this day, but for nine months after, I forgot the passion of that time, the sweetness of that summer. I was too mad at you for leaving me alone while your child grew inside of me. I was only seventeen to your nineteen, and I thought you should be here helping me.

You weren’t, though, and I felt alone- even as my parents tried to support me, the baby… both of us. The day he was born, though, it all came back in stunning clarity… the nighttime walks on the beach, playing in the waves.

Watching Kade grow up, raising him these past two years, was like having you back… almost. He’s turning two tomorrow, and he looks more and more like you every day. Every once in a while he makes a face that will take me back to that summer.

Anyway, I thought it was finally time to tell you about him. I’d like to say it took so long because I wanted you to be ready, but I think it’s really because I’m just now coming to terms with sharing him with you. I hope one day you’ll be able to forgive me and take the time to meet Kade.


A Long Lost Memory

The letter reached him in Iraq as he was sitting with his friends, relaxing as much as any soldier can. He opened it carelessly, expecting just another letter from a school kid. As he read it, though, he went still. When he finished, he was out of his seat and searching for a paper and pen. When he found it, he scratched a single sentence:

Expect me in June!

He slipped it into an envelope, sealed it, and sent it immediately, and so began the re-opening of a forgotten memory, a forgotten love, and a single, life-changing summer.

Three years later they were all living together, and Kade was growing up in a life she had never expected…

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