Comedious Commentarious : Cell Phone

By STEPHEN J. VATTIMO | Published: July 4, 2010

Picture yourself having planned and saved for a special night out with the one you love. You are taking them to a romantic fine dining restaurant to celebrate your love. You both go out secretly to by the sharpest clothes that money can buy, to enhance your appeal . The restaurant atmosphere is dripping with romance.

The lighting is low, the flames from the candles on your table dance on your wine glasses, and in your lover's eyes as you gaze into them. There is a violinist playing love songs as he mingles among the tables. The waiter places your mouth watering steak before you, and just before you take that first savory bite, you hear the man who is sitting at the next table, having a conversation on his cell phone, "Doc, I can make my appointment for tomorrow at 7:00pm to have my my hemorrhoids lanced."

- writing comedy to challenge people to think

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