brown shoes & brownies.,

By ZUJEIDY TORRES | Published: January 31, 2010

brown shoes & brownies.,

As she walked home with her brown shoes and tangled hair she could hear the sounds of the streets. Her ears could barely make out the rythm of the melodies that came from the streets ahead. Walking down the block she could smell the flavors of the bakery. She imagined cinnamon rolls in the great big industrial ovens and chocolate brownies filled with walnuts on the store shelves. As she neared the bakery she felt safe as she once did in her home. Pressing her nose agains the thick window she could feel the warmth flowing towards her face. "Do you want a choclate brownie or a vanilla cupcake sweetie?", she head the mother say in the voice of an angel. Her son simply smiled and grasped her hand tighter than before as he pointed towards the chocolate brownie. Chocolate brownies brought back memories of her younger years as her mother enthusiasticly emptied the contents of the kitchen oven while preparing to cook, or at least attempt. She was never skilled at making pastries but her spaghetti was the best. "Ding", she heard the bakery door's chime like a drum in her ear. Interrupted from her world, she came back to earth and left the moments of memories and distant flashbacks behind as she sighed and walked on; trying to find hapiness in the sounds of the night.

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