Nine Elevators in Three Hours

By CHARLOTTE TALLEY | Published: August 24, 2009

It’s 6:00 Monday evening, raining hard outside. Cole had had a long day at work cleaning the streets of downtown St. Louis. Sitting in his office at home tallying up the monthly bills, Karen his wife is cooking dinner; Yolanda is upstairs doing her home work.

The phone rings Karen answers it. “Hello…hello, yes this is she---she has the what?” Karen is so astounded at the news from Yolanda’s teacher that she cannot speak.

Karen hangs up the phone, runs to her husband’s office, and knocks on the door. Cole doesn’t answer, so she walks in.

“Honey… honey, stop for a moment, I have something to tell you.” He stops and listens to her.

“That was Yolanda's teacher on the phone, and she told me some good news, she said that Yolanda has the potential of becoming an actress.”

“Oh that’s great Karen.”

Wednesday, they visited Mrs. Robinsons’ classroom.

“Come in, you must be Yolanda’s parents, I’m Mrs. Robinson,

As I told you on the phone, she could become an actress, with the right guidance.”

“How much is this going to cost?” Cole asks.

“I have some pamphlets for you to look at, and I can give you some directors and producers’ names if you want.”

“This sounds good and dandy, but as my husband said, how much?”

“About $10,000.00”

“Jesus Christ! Karen, oh, we are going to have to think about this.”

On the way home Cole keeps saying, “I need another job.”

“Cole, I can get another job also.”

“I’m the man, you work enough as a nurse Karen, and I’ll find a way.”

They finally arrive home, Cole gets out and heads straight to his office, kneels down, and asks God for help.

The next day he starts looking for a part-time job. He goes to grocery stores, etc, etc... While job hunting he runs into his friend James.

“Hey, man, what’s up?” James asks shaking Coles’ hand.

“I have to find a part-time job; my daughter wants to become an actress.”

“The Courthouse is hiring for a maintenance man, check it out dude.”

Cole goes to the courthouse and puts in an application for maintenance, has an interview, and gets hired. He goes home to give the good news to the family.

“When do you start dear?” Karen asks.

“Wednesday afternoon, after the City cleaning, all I do is mop and wax floors, empty trash, and clean nine elevators in three hours.” Cole says smiling.

The first day on the job, he walks in, and his boss is there to greet him.

“Hello, you must be Cole Smith, I’m Mr. Felts your boss, let me show you around. Here’s where you get your cleaning supplies, after mopping, start on the elevators.”

Elevator #1 he finds a young couple making out.

“Hey, this is no place for this kind of carrying on,” Colse says.

The couple leaves. He cleans the elevator.

Elevator #2 there is a judge party going on.

“What the hell?”

Elevator #3 a doctor is giving a well- woman exam.

“Man, are you out of your rabbit-ass mind, doing this here?”

“My doctors’ office burned down, so I use these elevators.”

Elevator #4 a young lady and her son are trying to find the bathroom; her son throws up on the elevator.

“Oh, hell naw, damm I got to clean this shit up, this is too much.” Cole says.

Elevator #5 he cleans.

Elevator #6 there’s a preacher doing a eulogy without a body.

Elevator #7 there’s a boxing match going on, this catches Coles’ attention. Mr. Felts comes around the corner and tells Cole to get back to work.

“But boss strange things are happening here.”

Elevator #8 there’s a court case hearing.

Elevator #9 there is a cow and a bull; he flashes them out of the building.

Cole gets a message to report on the 10th floor, he goes and he sees Karen. She's holding an envelope, and inside is a winning lottery ticket.

They hug and kiss, then take the elevator down to the lobby. Cole looks for his boss, finds him, and he tells him with a smile on his face, “You can take this job and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, I don’t need this, I’m rich.”

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