Summary of Novel: "Handcuff Mystery"

By CHARLOTTE TALLEY | Published: September 15, 2009

Adam Smith lives the life that most men fantasize about: a high-class, high-paying job, exotic cars, designer clothes, and a steady stream of sexy, available women.

For five years Adam has a part-time, temporary companion and lover. Being a lawyer he has no enemies (so he thinks). But as a temporary companion? Well, we will find out. He's single with no kids; all that is missing is a talented, sexy, smart African-American woman to be by his side. And that should be easy right?

But there's a puzzling twist in his life. He's sent an off-beat gift, some handcuffs, and It's got him wondering who would send them.

He believes he knows who sent the handcuffs; Carla, one of the associates at the law firm where he works. But after some investigation he finds out it isn't her.

Maybe it could be one of the judges that has a thing for him, or the bar tender, Bob, who is gay.

He questions people at the firm; and he tells Bob the bar tender about it, but to no avail. He tries to think if one of his clients has it out for him. One person comes to mind, Terry.

He attempts a lifestyle change, but soon discovers, that it won't come easily, not with the allure of available, beautiful women.

Finally, the real mystery person reveals themselves. Adam becomes upset and lashes out, killing the mystery person. While spending time in jail for the murder he committed; he's leaves behind a nice, intelligent girlfriend named Karen, who he met at the bar.

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