The Jealousy Tearing Up His Heart [explicit]

By CULLIE DECKER | Published: November 17, 2012

The Jealousy Tearing Up His Heart [explicit]

A horror poem/short story. Ages 18+ only.

Edited by Livingston County Writers & Critics Support Group

Uncaring and so daring as he spits out lies

He coldly wishes for his friends’ demise

The jealousy tearing up his heart escalates

To a much higher dimension

The hateful fucker has thoughts not to be mentioned

He seeks revenge to amuse his dissatisfied soul

Violent crimes of modern times are his selfish goals

He knows the key is under the welcome mat

Enclosed in a black rubber suit and creeping like a rat

The front door opens late at night

The victim is not yet in sight

No more love or compassion in his life

His spiked ball sinks into his sleeping wife

The spraying blood smells like sweet pea flowers

A brutal murder gives him a false sense or power

Not even his own ass can he protect

As he turns around, his fourteen-year-old daughter flings a knife through his neck

She yanks it out and carves out his eyes and screams and cries

Her murdered parents make her enter insanity

Now she will never be the same, but she takes no blame

For the jealousy that tore up her father’s heart

Her family is dead and her future has already fallen apart

Eternal grief with no hope for a second of relief

Her world is in such a bind as she loses her mind

The full moon is visible through the curtains

Her young heart is secretly hurting

And she just hates to ponder her own fate

This teenage killer has lost her mind but is still afraid

She went into the kitchen to make snow pea tacos and lemonade

Word count: 263

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