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Fairy Godmother

Short Stories - One time of the year, this lovely mother let's her dark hunger become satisfied

Free To Go

Short Stories - An elevator ride to the immutable truth of where a couple stands.

Sarah's Story

Short Stories - This could have been what my biological mother went through. I don't know.

bastard child

Life & Death - An afternoon with an abused child.

Comedious Commentarious : Cell Phone

Politics, Community & Society - I was inspired to write this short humorous story by the incidences of high tech social rudeness that have become socially commonplace. I want my reader to experience how someone's self absorbed actions can ruin some other person's special moment.

On the Deathbed

Short Stories - The sins of the fathers... The Perpetual Absolute How did it all start?

Whisky Flavored Night

Love & Romance - Glory Harlow and Court Roberts have never seen eye-to-eye. But a chance encounter in a bar, and a common love of whisky, will give them a chance at more than reconciliation. It'll give them a chance at love.


Short Stories - A story about water.

Interruption (part 2)

Short Stories - A story of two women who encounter an alien entity.

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