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A Short Story

Short Stories - Fiction is written by big burly men laboring tirelessly in fiction factories.

Interruption (part 1)

Short Stories - A story of two women who encounter an alien entity which defies imagination and threatens earthly life.

Forty Four Moons

Love & Romance - A story about a story within a story...

The Phone Call

Short Stories - When a phone call in the middle of the night can save your life.

The Love of Grace

Writing - When Elizabeths husband dies after an extended illness, she feels as if she's breaking in to pieces. The only one who can save her is Grace

a history of books

Short Stories - One girl's life with books.

To See

Short Stories - A short story about an Oracle, a fictional creature who can see the future.

Swap Deal

Short Stories - A simple exchange goes horribly wrong...

The Gingerbread Man

Short Stories - A man panics during his first Chemotherapy treatment