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Short Stories - A day in the life of a woman suffering Mulitple Personality Disorder

Kel and Mort

Short Stories - Two tortured dogs escape a research center and find safety.

The Brick Wall

Short Stories - The famous St. Valentine's Day Massacre - Al Capone sets-up the killing of Bugsy Moran and his rival gang.


Short Stories - A woman's addiction to Spider's Solitaire turns her life a full circle.


Short Stories - A humorous story about a bitter retiree who visits God, turning his life around

low frequency broadcast

Writing - A female sci-fi-shaman fiction piece. Hmmmm. unfamiliar turf with fiction writing. Not sure where it is going but there was a joy in writing it.

brown shoes & brownies.,

Writing - Memories are cherished and are triggered by normal everyday things. Value Memories. Remember Memories.

A Hell of A Day, J.

Short Stories - A memoir of the worst kind of heartbreak...

Deer Maggot

Short Stories - A short story about leaving home, culture shock and wanting home although it may not be the better place.