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Summary of Novel: "Handcuff Mystery"

Short Stories - This is a summary of the novel that I'm working on.

Nine Elevators in Three Hours

Short Stories - A short story about a guy who has to take another job to afford his daughter's acting school.

The Never Ending Bus Trip

Short Stories - I entered this story in the 'One Book, Many Brisbanes' competition last year. The final draft was done on a work computer that I no longer have access to; this is as close as I have to that completed version. Enjoy if you please.

Noah (in the 9th Dimension) for the Modern Thinker

Short Stories - A totally new form of short story called a "Link Story", a bit of an odyssey for your mental stimulation and entertainment.

The Taste

Short Stories - A corpse is discovered in Ultimo, leading investigators after a diseased killer with sickening tastes.

The Pole

Short Stories - A woman confronts different perceptions, putting her on a roller coaster of emotions.

The Blue Wall

Short Stories - A young Australian family's dream vacation in Indonesia ends with devastating results

Me and My Danny

Short Stories - A fictional short story about physical abuse through the eyes of a mother, finally pushed over the edge through desperation.


Short Stories - A short story about the joys of finding a place to rent... with a Koolie Collie.

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